Harry Potter and the Magical Tours

Harry Potter and the Magical Tours are Horst Pollmanns second story. Harry spends a good part of his summer in japan where he learns about mental and physical combat, but also about how to please a woman. Therefore this story is rated R and contains some of the best sex scenes (if you can imagine them). Harry travels with a new company the Magical Tours that provide commercial portkeys.
Sirius became chief of police. He tells Harry that some complains have been filed against Magical Tours. After they offer postal services, post owles begin to disappear.
On Harrys lookout for a new player for the Quidditch team he finds Rahewa – a first year. Harry is asked by Gabrielle to find a loophole so that she can participate on the balls. So Harry arranges the performence of a Grass Dance with 3 Hogwarts and 3 Beaubaton first years – among them Gabrielle and Rahewa. On the yule ball Gérad, whose love was finally accepted by Marie-Christine, offends her. In the following struggle he ends up with a knife on his neck – Rahewa’s. Thereafter Harry and Cho have to assure Marie-Christine that she has no shorcommings. On the ball at Beaubaton Gérard has a knife on Marie-Christines neck so Harry has to kill him – wandlessly. In spring Sirius is kidnapped by Voldemort. Harry, who can by now pursuit apperate, visits Voldemort. They apperate around the world. Finally Harry strikes a deal, because he can demonstrate that there are options to kill Voldemort without endangering his own live, to let Voldemort live on if he does not try to influence the muggle or magical world, as he tried with Magical Tours, and in exchange for Sirius‘ freedom.
Horst Pollmann writes:

Sixth year in Hogwarts. However, before reaching Hogwarts again, Harry encounters his four-weeks‘ seminar with a Japanese Zen master – as a formative experience for him, as well as for his crusade against Voldemort. Back in school, it looks as if Harry can spend his time with classes, Cho, Quidditch, and his friends – except maybe not in that order. After all, the Dark Forces should be lying low, after their defeat in the Battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, they don’t …

The story can be read online at Schnoogles.
There is also a PDF of the fic.

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