The High Priestess

The High Priestess is Horst Pollmanns forth book. Five years after Hogwarts Harry and Cho are married and have a two year old daughter with Harry’s power and Cho’s temperament. Bill returns from a trip from middle east with fever that rids him of his magic. Hermione and her assistant, who is in love with Rahwana, manage a potion cure.
Finlay Harry learns that the fever is the punishment of a higher force – the high priestess – for mingling with muggles, because as she says the magical and the muggle world have to stay separated. She is also looking for a successor which she finds in Harry’s daughter.
Therefore Grocho, Cho’s company, conceive a plan to induce a potion so that more magical children are born with the goal that there are no more muggles in some generations.
Horst Pollman writes:

Five years after Hogwarts. Harry and Cho are married, and yes – they have the child a former dark wizard wanted to claim for himself. However, it’s no son. Cho is a successful business woman, building an enterprise together with her co-owners and former Hogwarts teachers Sylvie Hooch and Jesamine Grubbly-Plank. Harry, on the other hand, is a happy house-husband. This peaceful scene is suddenly disturbed by events which, at first sight, raise the memory of dark times and dark wizards. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that the origin of these events must be something else. A fic with many of the characters known from the previous books, plus some new characters, each of them with their own role in the plot.

The story can be read online at Schnoogle.
I also made a PDF out of the story.

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