Growing up too fast

This story starts after Harry’s fifth year. Harry learns wandless magic. After he stops a truck from hitting a girl Mrs. Figg tells him she’s a witch and he gets invited into the Departement of Misterys where he learns to fight. Back at school he falls in love with R.J. a vampire hired for additional protection. He also becomes friends with the spiders and the centaurs take him into their clan.
Harry runs after Cho who is kidnapped and confronts Voldemort in the spring. With the help of the spiders and the centaurs he gets Cho out. He returns to finish Voldemort and R.J. helps him until she is trapped and beheaded. With the energy of the resulting anger Harry manages to seriously cripple Voldemort. Both Voldemort and himself are carried out of the forbidden forest by different groups of dementors.
The story can be read online at Schnoogle.
There is also a PDF available.

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