Was it all enough

This story is the follow up to Extracirrcular Activities. Harry looses with his Qudditch team to Runamia in the finals. Cho takes over managing Harry and gets him such a good contract that also Kristy hires her. They take her up on the offer to visit Paris. From there things starts rolling as Cho takes up with another seeker though she is engaged to Harry. This leads to the breakup.
Harry is back with the Unspeakables and guards a mysterious orb for them. He and Hermione do an Extremely Advanced NEWT Presentation on elemental Magic. During the Beaubatton Ball the orb gets stolen. It is an ancient relict that stored evil power with which Voldemort regains his strength and confronts Harry. In the final confrontation Harry manages to destroy the orb and Voldemort but he and Dumbledore die also. Though Harry can swap with the ghost of Goddric Griffindor so he returns.
The story can be read online at Schnoogles.
There is also a PDF.

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