New Face of evil

This story plays eight years after Was it all enough. Hermione who was Harry’s room mate for the first four years screws up big time by sleeping with him and leaving him the next day for her new job in Venice. Four years after that she comes around, apologises to Harry and everything goes almost back to normal. The company she works for is involved in some dubious drug crimes. Harry takes the company apart and rescues Hermione. He decides to date Ginny and they are both very happy. Draco Malfoy is behind the crimes. For the failures he kidnaps Rons wife and daughter. Harry, Hermione, Sirius and Ron rescue them. Hermione takes up a position in a research program founded by Harry to develop a cure for the drug. To get to Draco Harry deals with Lucius by giving him some of the magic back.
The story can be read online at Schnoogles.
There is also a PDF available.

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