Image Comparison with Java (Part III)

The result of the last article was the outfluence of my search for a skeleton algorithm. The result was obviously not what I looked for but worthwhile none the less. The reason for this mismatch is the proper name for the skeleton algorithm: Voronoi Skeletons or medial axis transformation (MAT) are more common names.

The process of skeletonisation is described in this article. With some adjustments (different interpretation of what is black and white) this algorithm can be used with JAI. When used on binarized color image the results are not overwhelming. This is because the shapes are not clearly separated and the skeleton results in a huge skeleton that spreads over the whole image. Therefore the following idea seems promising:

  1. Edge Detection
  2. Reduce the edge lines to a one pixel black line (Thereby producing a binary image)
  3. Try to close the edge lines
  4. Invert the colors
  5. Use the skeletonise algorithm

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