Custom Spring scope done right

You can define your own Spring Scope. One thing to consider is that the beans that are defined in a scope must somehow be backed by a store. For the singlton scope this is the application context itself, for a session scope it is the session, for a request scope it is the request. With this setup the beans lifecycle is bound to the lifecycle of the backing store, e.g. when a session terminates it is deleted and with it all the corresponding beans.

There are other examples out there that implement a custom scope by implementing the store in the scope. This then requires that the lifecycle has to be managed from the outside. So let’s do this the right way:

  • We want a scope that matches the lifecycle of a dialog. The dialog is opened some content is displayed, some work is done and finally the dialog is closed.
  • The application code should not be polluted with logic to manage the bean life cycle of the scope.

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