Compiling X

While working my way throug the X instalation part of the BLFS I encountered some problems with compiling. The first problem was libXpm in the libriry chapter. It showed that several packages of the app chapter have the same problem.
The problem is something like this:
*.so: undefined reverence to ‚X….‘
this is cause by the missing library libXext. To circumvent this problem I did first the configure part and then took the offending Makefile and added ‚-lXext‘ right bevor ‚-lX11‘ in the variable LDFLAGS.

Linux from Scratch – Network

This time around the compilation and installation of the LFS procieded almost without a scratch. Perhaps that is because I used this time the stable description.
I had a problem with the network configuration. The system is on a network with DHCP so I thought I could skip the whole network configuration. Doesn’t work. That mistake I realised when wanted to ping the router. So back to the configuration. In the udev rules I decided to work with the bus. But it didn’t work out as I thought. After checking (with lspci) I figured I used the wrong ID.
But the network interface just wouldn’t work. So the problem must lie within the kernel or its lack of support for the correct networking device. Recompiled, rebooted and reconected.
It works.