The Legend of the Serpent’s Tongue by Esined

This is the sequel to the trilogy The Mathias Prophecy. Harry becomes a teacher at Hogwarts. However Voldemort is resurrected in a dark ritual and Harry is once more called upon to defeat him. In a cruel plot Voldemort resurrects Harry’s parents which must be sent back in order to vanquish Voldemort once and for all. The emotional affair is resolved as well. Read more.

The Mathias Prophecy by Esined

The Mathias Prophecy is a trilogy of three books that describe the occurrences during Harry’s sixth and seventh school year.
Already in the first chapter Esined drops a bombshell: Harry is a girl. Also surprising can be that Sirius is not dead. As to why that is the reader has to wait until the third book where it is revealed, that Harry’s and his friends memory were modified concerning their fifth year.
To the extraordinary powers of Harry count: Magical animagus (Phoenix), Healing-Power, Telekinesis and Empathy.
There is also the second prophecy that states that Harry has the power to destroy Voldemort. On Halloween Harry is sent back in time when her parents die, but they decide the same way and therefore insure, that Harry survives. Before Easter Hermione turns the snitch into a portkey that sent Harry to him. She escapes with the help of Draco.
Based on the revelation Snape changes his attitude towards Harry. Until the end of term Harry develops deep feelings for her protectors Sirius, Remus and Snape.
During the summer Harry stays at the Dursleys with frequent trip’s to Snapes town-house. The Dursley are under Malfoys control and concoote a potion that allows him access to the house. After her birthday she undergoes a formal protector ship with her protectors, Dumbledore as the Trustee and Ron with the Right of Vision. While at Snape’s she becomes like a sister to Circe’s daughter Phaedra, Serverus‘ niece.
On Christmas Harry and Phaedra are kidnapped but can escape.
In may Volemort attracts the school after Harry is visited by an old women who gives her the confidence to win. Harry let herself being whisked away by Voldemort, who tries to rape her. Coming this close Harry manages to kill him with her mothers wand that has been found on the Dursleys‘ attic.
The stories can be read online at Schnoogle: The Mathias Prophecy Book I, The Mathias Prophecy II and The Mathias Prophecy III.
There are also PDFs of the books: The Mathias Prophesy Book I, The Mathias Prophesy Book II and The Mathias Prophesy Book III