Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Light

This story by Gramarye starts on the journey back after the forth year. The Dursleys decide not to pick up Harry. At the station he meets Professor Stanton from Cambridge with whom he shares a cat to Little Whining. When he arrives at home he finds the Dursleys have moved. Prof. Stanton escorts him to Mrs. Figg. On the train ride to the Weasleys Death Eater try to capture him but Harry manages to escape with the help of Prof. Stanton.
At Kings Cross Death Eaters attack the thong of people at the station knocking out Hermione and killing Denis Creevy. Back at Hogwarts Harry tries to reach the Headmasters office but ends up in room with a mirror. When he was found by the Headmaster, Ron and Hermione they learn, that the mirror is a portal from Prof. Stantons – Will – office to this room. He will work together with them against the Dark.
After some of these session the Wizarding hospital is attacked and the back slash of pain leaves Harry in the Hospital wing. On their next session Neville, who seems to do better, joins the group.
Harry and Hermione sty over Christmas at Hogwarts. When the Weasleys return from a Christmas Dinner at the Diggorys Mrs. Weasly is killed. Ron blames Harry for his mums death and so the sessions come to a halt until the end of February when they have a yell-out and Ginny joins the group. In the aftermath of Christmas Dumbledore becomes Minister and Lupin replaces Mrs. Figg as Defence instructor as she is once again pulled into active Auror duty. At the start of the Easter holidays the train is attacked. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville manage to transport themselves onto the train and fight the attacking dementors back. Colin who was on the train photographs the dementors, Wormtail and Will who comes to aid but he cannot remember afterwards since all students where obliviated. So he becomes the sixth and last member of the group. In may at the Quidditch match Slitherin against Hufflepuff a lightning hits Malfoy. In the ensuing panic they discover that the exists are blocked and the stands are on fire. McGonalgal transforms the banners into shuts so everyone can glide down. Then the Death-Eater appear. The six call Will in and Malfoy invites Voldemort into the grounds. In a fierce battle Voldemort and the Dark is defeated. The Death Eaters are gone mad, the Dementors disappeared. Snape is temporarily blinded and his hands mutilated. During the summer Harry looks up Will at his college in Cambridge to have a talk that starts his life.
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