Harry Potter and the Flying Squad

Harry Potter and the Flying Squad is Horst Pollmanns first story. It takes place in Harrys fifth year. Dumbledore learns that Voldemort plans an attack on the Hogwarts Express with Dementors to kidnap the students and kill the muggleborn. So Harry trains over the summer to protect the muggleborn which include Cho Chang. This is the basis of friendship that develops to love. Instead of Quiddich there is the flying Squad that patrols from school to the dragon camp to the giant camp or vice versa in twin teams.
Harry feels obliged to witness his retelling of Voldemorts return to the goblins. This results in his exclusion of the flying squad and a Goblin Request of the privileged sort. Victor Krum arrives with other refugees by ship and takes the leading of the flying squad.
Harry cashes his Request for superb flying equipment. So Harry is allowed back in the squad after an exam flight. Harry strikes up a close friendship with the giant Lleyrin.
There is a Christmas ball at Hogwarts and a Valentines ball at Beaubaton where Marie-Christine, Gérard and Janine are introduced. In the story also other new characters are introduced: Almyra Cho’s friend.
In spring Voldemort attacks Hogwarts but find them prepared. The giants, goblins, dragons and the flying squad plays an elemental role in defeating the enemy’s giant, dementors and Death Eaters. In the attack Lucius Malfoy, but also Hagrid and Charlie are killed.
Horst Pollmann writes himself:

Fifth year in Hogwarts. Even before terms start, Harry is involved in the defence against an evil attack from the Dark Forces, something which „later will be called ‚The Hogwarts Express Accident‘ …„In Hogwarts, many things are different – most of all, the joining of all four„Quidditch teams in the ‚Flying Squad‘, for patrol and exploration services.„For Harry, this looks like a path toward Cho Chang, except that – well, „maybe this should really be left to the story itself …„At any rate, expect Giants, Goblins, and house-elves to play their roles in „this fic – as well as some new characters.

The story can be read at Schnoogle.
There is also a PDF of the story.