Publishing Artifact to maven repository

Since some time I set up new Java projects with Maven. Additionally I migrated some old ones to Maven. The main issue was dependency handling and building. No more manual writting/copying of Ant build.xml’s. This works well as long you need libraries/artefacts that can be found in maven repository and/or the ones not available are your own. In the latter case they reside in your local repository and are accessible by other projects. Up until now this worked well since such dependencies only existed inside one project and could be resolved. However in the OpenSource world there comes a time where this is no longer possible. This happened, when I wanted to use ch.sahits.sahitsUtils in my game project OpenPatrician. The logical conclusion was to publish the artefact to a maven repository. This however proved a little more difficult. „Publishing Artifact to maven repository“ weiterlesen

Java Advanced Imaging with Maven

After serveral tries to combine Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) with a Maven project I finally succeeded. The main problem as it is often in such cases is that there is not enough documentation on the subject in the web. I am sure that countless programmer had the same problem, but after they solved the problem they did not document it or if they did their solution is unsatisfactory for an open source project (e.g. installing the JAI dependencies in your local repository). Therefore here is my solution:

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