The Trademark Dispute by Clell65619

Voldemort pissed Harry off one time to many, therefore his „Best girlfriend ever“ Hermione notifies the guild of evil masterminds on the misuse of the title „Dark Lord“ by Voldemort. Voldemort is tested by the guilds divisions and fails miserably. Meanwhile Harry gets annoyed by their representatives (such as Superman, X-Men, Powerpuff girls, Diana, Lex Luther, …) to join as a hero.
The story can be read online at FicWad or as PDF.

The Acts Of Betrayal by Cell65619

On the train ride to their sixth school year Hermione and Harry decide to be a couple only to be separated, induced by potions and controlled by Ron and Ginny two month later for the Greater Good. All this was planed and orchestrated by Dumbledore. The control potions required frequent sexual actions of the controlled person. In the summer Hermione uncovers this and ran together with Harry away. He marries her to protect her from similar machinations. Because of an outstanding Marriage contract he marries Daphne Greengrass as well. Together they clean the British wizarding world out.
The story is available online at FicWad or as PDF.

Absolutely Zero by glitterfairyxoxo

Some years after Voldemort is defeated Hermione let it slip, that she loves Harry. This is followed by a night of passion which impregnates Hermione. Before Harry can tell her that he feels the same way she runs away. Four month later he runs by accident into her and everything is cleared up.
The story is available online or as PDF.