Hogwarts Too Exposed – A Slytherin Among Us

Hogwarts Too Exposed – A Slytherin Among Us is the sequel to Hogwarts Exposed. This part is not as much angst ridden. There is no big plot but several smaller ones:

  • A week vacation in a nudist camp. There is a beauty pageant with obstacles
  • Draco tries to obtain the care of Timothy by court
  • The public gets wind of nudism at Hogwarts
  • Playwizard want to print Hermione’s nude pictures that will result in her demise
  • Amanda and Hermione are pregnant
  • Amanda tries abortion and is almost raped
  • Emily makes friend with Kim and is sorted into Slytherin
  • Dick Bancroft gets his hands on nude pictures of Emily
  • Jamie dies in a terrorist attack but is restored by time travel

Neil writes himself:

Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed � A Slytherin Among Us, the follow-up to Hogwarts Exposed.

The story can be read online at Schnoogle.
I also made a PDF out of it.

Hogwarts Exposed

This is Neils first story It takes place five years after Hogwarts. The Last three years read about like this: Take Barbs first two books, throw in a prophecy, that the Convenant of the Three (Harry, Ron and Hermione) have to destroy Voldemort what they do. Hermione’s and Ron are killed along with Hagrid and Dumbledore. Harry feels he is responsible and leaves. Ron becomes a Quiddich star but attacks a player in a four day world cup game (Remember he was bitten by Remus); therefore he spent five years in Azkaban. Hermione becomes McGonagalls successor.
In the Year the staff consists of Neville, Draco, Ginny (Muggle studies), Hermione and Charlie. Snape became Headmaster. Harry returns. And he and Hermione fall for each other.
Besides there is Jamie – a fifth year – who has striking similarities to Hermione and her two best friends Alex and Amanda. And Cathlin a first year orphan who was abused by Hooch. Hermione stands by her side and adopts her. Jamie and Cathlin are (or in Catlin’s case have become) nudists.
There is a new danger out there: the Great One. On the Yule ball Hermione is kidnapped and escapes only barley with her life. As soon as she is recovered Jamie’s parents die in a car accident and Harry and Hermione take guardianship over Jamie and her 10 year old sister. Finally there is also the wedding of Harry and Hermione who have already a big family.
The story can be read online at Schnoogle.
There is also a PDF available.

Recovery and Resolve

This is a short story that tells us what happens when Hermione returns home after her fifth year and has to explain what happend to her parents.
DrT writes:

As Hermione recovers at home from the events at the Department of Mysteries, she first has to inform her parents about the dangers of the magical world, and then has time to think about her future.

The story can be read onlien at Astronomy Tower.
As always there is also a PDF.

Barb’s Trilogy

The trilogy of Barb consists of the stories Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent, Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions and Harry Potter and the Triangle Prophecy.
In Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent Harry makes friend with a serpent (Sandy) who accompanies him to Hogwarts. She has some foresight. Barb writes:

In Harry’s fifth year he gets a snake with the Sight. Hermione’s torn between Ron and Harry, who’s torn between her and Ginny, who’s torn between him and Draco Malfoy, who’s torn between her and loyalty to his father. Plus: a Prophecy, Animagus training, a Dueling Club, Snape’s Penseive, kilts, giants, house elf liberation and more!

In the second book Harry travels back in time only to create an awful parallel universe. While Ginny in the original universe Ginny is still with Malfoy and Harry with Hermione, in the alternate universe Harry takes up with Ginny and his best friend Draco with his sister. Barb writes:

During his fifth year, Trelawney did a Tarot reading for Harry. She told him he would have to make a choice that could „change the world as we know it.“ At the beginning of his sixth year, Harry chooses, and the world does change. Does it change for the better? If he wants, can Harry change it back? Or is giving Harry exactly what he wants Voldemort’s ultimate revenge?

The third book is quite dark. Ron is a werewolf with all the usual prejudices. Barb writes:

Harry’s 7th and final year of school. In a time of uncertainty, the Muggle world has found a source of comfort and stability. Only Harry suspects that it isn’t safe. Wizards are more concerned about themselves than Muggles since Voldemort’s return, but are only Muggles at risk? Will anyone listen to Harry? He must decide whether to make a sacrifice that will change him–and the wizarding world– forever.

All Stories are rated R. Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent was nominated on The Goblets as Drama in the first Term. It made second place.
I made also PDFs of the books: Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent, Harry Potter and the Time of good Intentions and Harry Potter and the Triangle Prophecy