Bootproblems with Linux

Recently I made some changes on my network. This resulted in chaos so I decided that I reboot my Linux machine. This piece of hardware is already a bit older and in dire need of replacement. There are legacy installations of Windows XP and Windows 98 which are seldom used. Due to the hardware limits this is installed as dual boot.
I restarted the machine and Windows got up even though Linux was the default in the grub bootloader.
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Get Civilisation running under Linux

This article describes the steps that you must take to get Sid Meier’s Civilisation running on Ubuntu (Hard Heron). So now I have to clear some things up:

  1. I know that Ubuntu is not Linux, but the process for other distros should be similar enough.
  2. We are talking about the Sid Meier’s civilisation game from 1991

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