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Project size

Recently I once again added additional resources to the game art project. Therefore I wondered how much memory do we use for that part of the project. As it turns out the executable game is around 60 MB, where about half of it is made up by the Data module providing mostly images for the game. If you take the standalone application as a measure you end up between 120 and 180MB depending on the operating system.

Last time I checked the size of the game art part of the project, that is where all the Blender models reside, as well as a huge library of image textures that are used in the models, I came up with something above 4 GB. I just rechecked and the number I got was 9 GB. Of course this number is dependent on the OS and the block size of the file system format, but I think it is save to save to say that it is a bit larger and will no longer fit on a single DVD.

August 31, 2016 | Posted in: News

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