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OpenPatrician Release 0.9.0

With the newest Release of OpenPatrician we are once again back on track with a release about every 11 month. An it comes with a lot of goodies.

There is a YouTube video featuring all the new stuff of this release: [youtube][/youtube]


On the UI front these are the main features:

  • Native build for Mac
  • Weapon dealer
  • Weapon transfer
  • Weapon placement on ship
  • Hanseatic day animation
  • Pirate attack animation
  • Sub menu for ship selection and convoy handling
  • Ship icon on sea map
  • City label and icons on seamap
  • Dynamic trade route strategy
  • Central storage system trade route strategy
  • Storage manager for automated trading
  • Additional ship construction strategies
  • City population growth
  • Improved captain’s salary
  • Many bugfixes

For a full list of all issues check


  • There are now 1831 Java classes (test classes included) (previous release 1654 +10%) with 201’799 lines of code (javadoc and empty lines included) (previous release 168’405 +20%)
  • There are 2112 test methods (previous release 1685 +25%) in 367 test classes
  • This release was done in 253 unique commits (previous release 385, -105) and 117 issues (previous release 104, +13) have been resolved (some of them bugs, that were only introduced with the development of this release)
  • Compared to the last release the game size grow by 12% which is mainly due to additional animation and images.


Before the big 1.0.0 release there will be a technical release 0.9.1 for updating the documentation and build infrastructure.


März 4, 2018 | Posted in: News

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