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OpenPatrician release 1.0.0

Even though the major version changed, the state of the game is alpha, which means there are bugs to be expected. However goal of this milestone is to bring the gameplay on the same level of the first Patrician game.

A youtube video showing the features will follow soon.


These are the main features:

  • Upgrade to Java 11
  • Migration to SpringBoot
  • Add sub menu for messages
  • Message configuration options
  • Focus on vessel on sea map
  • New random events for orphan/widow/retired sailors home and soup kitchen
  • Ship list for selection
  • Ship info/ware dialog
  • Ship weapon/overview dialog
  • Move earliest start year to 1250
  • AI fleet management considers convoys
  • Formalized event log
  • Installer application for plugins
  • Formalized release tests

For a full list of all issues check

Together with the upgrade to Java 11, we lost the tool to create native installers, for that reason we provide you with a starter script. I am hoping to have installers back for the next release.


  • There are now 2001 Java files (test classes included) (release 0.9.0 1831 +9%) with 217’200 lines of code (release 0.9.0 201’799 + 7%)
$ ls -lR | grep '\.java' | wc -l
$ find . -name '*.java' -exec wc -l {} \; | awk '{total += $1} END{print total}' 
  • There are 8996 test methods (previous release 2112 +325%) in 410 test classes. This massive increase can be explained by making use of parametrized tests in Junit5.
mvn test | grep 'Tests' | wc -l
mvn test | grep 'Tests' | cut -f 4 -d ' ' | cut -f 1 -d , | awk '{total+=$1} END {print total}'
  • This release was done in 195 unique commits (0.9.1 release 253, -58) and 116 issues (previous release 117, -1) have been resolved (some of them bugs, that were only introduced with the development of this release)
  • Compared to the last release the game size is nearly the same with only 1MB more, which is probably due to upgrades in various dependencies and less in new code and game data in OpenPatrician.


In the next weeks I am hoping to create a tutorial series to compile all the features that are currently shown in the various release videos.

Next big step is the introduction of the isometric view, which will span over multiple releases, starting with providing the needed game art and a proof of concept on how the layout can be done in a dynamic way.

There are also refinements of existing models to bring them up to the latest level of the tools and prepare them for future features.

Finally we also want to lay the foundations for the own workshops and buildings the player will eventually be able to build in the city.

Based on the progress there might be a 1.0.1 release to bring back installers, but that is largely dependent on progress in that area over at Gluon

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