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Version 0.5.0 released

This is the second release this year. The main features are as follows:

  • Load and Save capabilities
  • Church scene
  • Interaction within the city hall
  • History data for all cities
  • Messages display
  • AI for the Alderman and the mayor
  • Native bundling of the application
  • Update to Java 8
  • Support for 4K

Under the hood there were many improvements and bug fixes as well. Though this version is still tagged as alpha, which means there are bugs in there that we know of and probably quite a few that we don’t.

There were 75 tickets closed and the code base (only source code) has now more than 100’000 lines. Due to separating configuration and data into a separate module we can now state that of the whole size of the application around 60MB are attributed to static data (images, sound, configuration). This means that the size once again grew by 12MB.

From a user perspective the most comfortable features might be the native builds for Windows and Linux, which can be executed after unzipping the archive. In the Linux case the executable (OpenPatrician-0.5.0) may be made executable first (sudo chmod u+x OpenPatrician-0.5.0).

This version uses Java version 8, which is packaged with the native bundles, but must be installed for the bare bundle. This one can be extracted and run with

java -jar OpenPatricianDisplay-0.5.0-jfx.jar

The language can now also be selected as parameter at startup (en and de for now):

java -jar OpenPatricianDisplay-0.5.jfx.jar -lang de

This video can give a short overview over the new features:

November 30, 2015 | Posted in: News

Version 0.4 released

Just in time for the 4th birthday of OpenPatrician I can present the forth release.

The development of this release took one and a half year and much of the work was spent in overhauling the system, which should allow easier integration of new features.

On the UI front these are the main features:

  • Loaners office to allow taking and giving out loans
  • Improved Tavern scene
  • City hall is no accessible, though the offices are still closed
  • Cash is now animated with a coin pile
  • Time is now animated with an hourglass. Clicking on the hourglass triggers the fast forward
  • In game option screen for quitting the game or changing the game speed.
  • German translation
  • Historic data for all ship types accessible through the image in the construction dialog
  • Fullscreen mode that can be activated at startup with a -f flag or switched in game with Ctrl+F
  • Map as Mini-Map

Under the hood this are the main issues addressed:

  • Replace the rendering with JavaFX
  • Improve the test coverage
  • Switch to Spring Java Configuration

For this release 81 tickets were closed. The code itself without any configuration has now more than 70’000 lines. The binary release grew by 33% while the binaries grew by 25% mainly due to new resources.

OpenPatrician requires a Java 7 installation with at least update pack 6 (all subsequent Java releases have JavaFX bundled with is a requirement).

The binary can be started using this command:

java -jar target/OpenPatrician-assembly-0.4.1.jar

On my Windows test system I noted some issues with the layouting of the start page. This can either be solved by changing the size of the window after start or start the application in fullscreen mode:

java -jar target/OpenPatrician-assembly-0.4.1.jar -f


Januar 17, 2015 | Posted in: News

Version 0.3 out

As of today the Version 0.3 is available at Sourceforge and through the Maven repositories.

Main features are

  • The Tavern where you can meet different people
  • The Shipyard where you can order ships, repairs or upgrades

The next release will focus on technical issues like

  • Implementation of the UI through JavaFX
  • More consistent integration of Spring dependency injection
  • Better testabilty

besides some new features.

Release 0.0.2 is out

We proudly present your second release. We achieved this in only 8 months versus the 11 for the first one. In reality the correct release number would be 0.2.0, so do not be alarmed when the next release number jumps up to 0.3.0. The last number is usually reserved for bug fixes.

Release 0.0.1 available in Maven repository

Since yesterday the last release of OpenPatrician is also available online through the Maven repository.  For most of you this might not mean anything. For the others, let me point out, why this might be to their advantage:

The OpenPatrician project is split up in several modules. Most of them are at least in their naming specific to OpenPatrician. There are however some few which might be useful:

  • GameEvent: Setting up an event system based on the Observer Pattern. The Event class is subclassed to facilitate more specific needs. There is also the possibility to pass a notice Object along the notify chain.
  • Rendering: Building up on GameEvent for updating the Object to be rendered. The rendering happens in a repeatable manner while the update through GameEvent is asynchronous. It may also be possible to process the update in a synchronous manner, as it would be in a turn based game.
  • OpenPatricianUtilities: As the name suggests these are an assortment of classes and functions
  • OpenPatricianImage: These are utilities focussing on images and image processing. Part of it is specific to the OpenPatrician game, some is specific only in the naming
  • OpenPatricianSound: These are utilities focussing on the sound aspect of the game.

Juni 18, 2014 | Posted in: News

Version 0.0.1 released

After about 11 month of development I am proud to present this first release. This milestone marks the first toward the really interesting milestone where the game becomes playable and therefore usable for gamers.

What’s in this release?

  • There are some historic background information on the Hanse
  • The visual concept for all the releases up to 1.0 is worked out and used.
  • There is a port scene where wares can be bought from the city onto the ship
  • There is a rudimentary AI for the city that produces and consumes wares.

Screenshot of Port scene in Version 0.0.1If you want to try it your self, feel free to download it form SourceForge.

Juni 18, 2014 | Posted in: News