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OpenPatrician Release 0.8.0

While it took a bit of time to get from the last release to the release candidate of last  week, the final release is now here.

Of course I made a feature video highlighting the changes that are discernible from a user perspective:


While progressing with the release I also posted two articles on all the stuff learned from the development: Y-O-Y part I and part II. There are also three more blog posts on some specific development topics, that are not restricted to OpenPatrician:



On the UI front these are the main features:

Plugin update infrastructure: Plugin zip file may now contain version string

  • Custom cursor
  • Improved price calculation
  • icons for the wares
  • Guild building
  • Event videos
  • Social advancement
  • Wedding career
  • Auctioning

Many bugfixes For a full list of all issues check

Check out the download page. There are native builds for Windows and Linux available as well as one that should work in all environments with Java 8 installed.


Here are some numbers for this release:

  • There are now 1654 Java classes (test classes included) with 168’405 lines of code (javadoc and empty lines included)
  • There are 1685 test methods that result in a test coverage of 66% of all classes, 50% of all methods and 58% of all lines.
  • This release was done in 385 unique commits and 104 issues have been resolved (some of them bugs, that were only introduced with the development of this release)
  • Compared to the last release the game size grow by 266% which is mainly due to the main module (including images, video, sound, …) which grew by 302%.

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