Eclipse context help through Eclipse’s help button

As mentioned in my previous article there is a third alternative for providing context help. This is also the most simple of all. On your wizard page class all you have to do is overriding the method performHelp:

public void performHelp(){
	String contextHelpID = "ch.sahits.phpclassgenerator.filename";

You will notice that this is the same code as in the widgetSelected method.

Context Help in Eclipse revisited

Earlier this week Paul (who by the way took over the PHP class generator and revived it) asked me for help with help. Basically he had a problem of integrating context sensitive help into the plug-in. He read my earlier article on this topic but could not manage. Therefore I promise to have a look. „Context Help in Eclipse revisited“ weiterlesen

API Design with Eclipse

The design of the API of a class based on the visibility of its members is in Eclipse fairly easy thanks to the Outline view. One level up (the package level) there are no such nice hints for the visibility. Therefore I created a small plug-in that decorates Java classes in the package explorer view with the visibility icons. „API Design with Eclipse“ weiterlesen

Setting Hudson up

One of the issues in the current development of my plug-in is better testing. If you have many different tests to run manual testing becomes difficult. Here comes automated testing into play. If you want to further the quality of your code you have to test after every change. Manually this is not possible. So I decided to use an integration server. Hudson springs to mind. The installation is easy: download the Hudson.war and then start it up with java -jar Hudson.war then you can access it over the browser at http://localhost:8080. The setting up of a project is a bit more complex. „Setting Hudson up“ weiterlesen

Eclipse plug-in manifest

The Eclipse plug-in manifest is also known as OSGi Manifest(Although the page says OSGi bundle, some of the described features are specific for Eclipse). In an earlier article I already addressed some of these issues. With this one I want revisit those and describe some more features, that I found helpful in my daily work with plug-in development. „Eclipse plug-in manifest“ weiterlesen