Spring internationalizable dropdown list

A further detail we might want to focus on is internationalization of our form. Spring MVC does not provide any i18n features for its form tags, there are however several issue reports addressing this (form:options tag does not support i18n, form:select does not provide I18N capabilities, Provide comprehensive I18N support for the Spring form tag library and many more, for a detailed list search for ‚i18n form‘ on https://jira.springsource.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=show&createNew=true). However these issues can be solved. „Spring internationalizable dropdown list“ weiterlesen

Spring form option list

In the previous three articles (Spring MVC forms with select drop down list, Generifing MVC spring select lists and Generic model for form select I have shown how to develop a generic dropdown list with Spring 3.0 MVC and web forms. With the heavy stuff off our backs we can focus on the details such as the order of the option list. „Spring form option list“ weiterlesen

Generic model for form select

A further improvement would be to have a model for a dropdown list that is not domain specific. This is especially useful when the whole form contains only dropdown lists. So this builds upon this article. „Generic model for form select“ weiterlesen

Generifing MVC spring select lists

In my previous article I have shown how to create a simple form with two select boxes using spring form from MVC. When we have an application with may forms we want to be able to use a general model for backing the data. We also might want to have certain elements multiple times, e.g. not one Customer but several. We will take theses step by step. „Generifing MVC spring select lists“ weiterlesen

Spring MVC forms with select drop down list

I’m currently developing a Spring MVC application that uses forms. Some of the form elements provided are easy enough to use with a backing model (such as simple input fields (text, password, textarea)). With the selection list however I had problems since I could not work out how to populate the form from the model and how to handle the submit event. All this is probably caused by the complexity of the problem domain and the used model. Therefore I set out and implemented an easy example. There are some articles on how to do that but none with the Annotation process introduced since Spring 2.5. My example is based on this article Spring MVC dropdown example. „Spring MVC forms with select drop down list“ weiterlesen