End of Pure England

This short story shows what happens if the pure bloods of England enact on their believes, by cutting them selfs of from the rest of the magical population: Separation of Part of England from the British magic community,  decrease in economic power, decrease in population. All this ends 50 year after it starts when they have all sold them selfs out to the Goblins.

Available as PDF or online.

When Vernon didn’t miss by DrT

This fic starts after Harry’s first year. The starting event is the successful appliance of physical violence against Harry by Vernon, almost killing him. He is then rescued by an ancient Brotherhood and nursed back to strength. While the basic events are the same Harry manages to achieve the goals more easily:

  • Pettigrew is caught during the summer, freeing Sirius
  • Riddle is defeated more easily, though with a greater trauma to Ginny, who repeats her first year and is sorted into Ravenclaw
  • Courch Jr. escapes prematurely and helps Voldemort embody himself a year earlier
  • Voldemort is killed at the end of the Triwizard turnament

On the side line there are other changes. Harry and Hermione come together and include Luna. Pansy strikes Hermione with a poisoned dagger almost killing her. As the Brotherhood all have Horocruxes, Harry and Hermione join them.

There is a PDF available.

You don’t always get what you want

The higher Lords of Magic combine a darker Harry from 2010 with the Harry of the summer before the triwizard tournament. He seeks out Hermione and starts a relation with her. Throughout the Year he kills Lucius Malfoy, Umbrige, Snape, Dumbledore and Voldemort and some others along the way. Snape puts his name into the goblet and he Draco’s. The tasks are slightly different.
The story can be read online at FicWad or as PDF.

A Fist Full of Galleons

This new story of DrT starts after the Triwizard Tournament. Hedwig is killed by the Dursleys. Harry disappears and the Durleys are killed in a car crash. Nobody knows where he is. When he sends letters to Ron and Hermione they are snatched away by operatives before they can be read. They don’t contain any usefull information. When Harry contacts Hermione by phone he can send her a communication crystal for Dombledore to make a proposal. As Harry gains his right as the Head of Ancient House of Potter he is outside of the ministry control as long as he is not a public figure. He therefore quits Quidditch and puts Malfoy in his place.
Until spring Harry manages to remove many Death Eaters. It is also revealed that he was helped by technomages and a gang of smugglers. With some gizmozs he manages to kill Nagini who is the last Horocrux and then send in missiles that kill Voldemort and his remaining supporters.
After Harry finishes his OWLs he, Hermione and Luna disappear to Australia.
The story can be read at FanFiction, a PDF is also available.

The Real Epilogue

Because DrT was not happy with Rowlings epilogue he wrote his own version. Key point is that Ginny and Harry and Ron and Hermione bonded and Ron became bonded to Harry as vasall which meas Harry has the higher rights over Hermione. But only Ginny was aware of this as the others thought the bonding to be a dream. This fact messing the possible future thoroughly up.
On an other note Harry and Hermione achieve to take influence on re rebuilding of wizard society in Britain.
This fic is certainly not one of DrTs best, but considering the material he ha to work with …
The story can be read online at Ficwad.
There is also a PDF version available.