Brother Z

After Harry has killed Voldemort Brother Z appears to him and explains some things. After Harry sweeps through the Ministry he disappears – to 1981 and becomes Brother Z.
The following autumn Snape returns as teacher, Hermione is Transfiguration assistant and cares for her blinded lover Luna and Brother Z becomes also at teacher at Hogwarts. Harry manages to heal Lunas wounds and helps her regain her sight. On christmas he reveals his secret to the two of them and they become involved. Harry has also a daughter at Beaubatton. At the end of term Snape leaves for good – blinded and diminished in life and magical power.
DrT writes himself:

The Final Battle is over. Harry has left Britain, leaving a devastated magical community, a lost Hermione, and a blinded Luna. Hermione becomes Professor McGonagall’s apprentice while she cares for Luna. She also has to deal with Snape, who has managed to worm his way back into Hogwarts, and the mysterious Brother Z.

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While Harry is tried before the Wizengamot his older self possesses him and takes control. He escapes and no one knows where to. After some initial adjustment he returns to Grimmauld place at night and takes Hermione with him. With his future knowledge and power he can easily ensure the destruction of four Horcruxes.

Throughout the year he defeats the Death Eaters, destroys the dementors and insures the giants neutrality. He also confronts Voldemort multiple time.

Harry can do this because of the love of his bonded wife Hermione and his consorts Luna, Padma, Susan and Tracy.

This story is certainly rated R.

The story can be read online at Ficwad.

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Training and Confrontation

Training and Confrontation starts in the summer after Harry’s fifth year. Lestrange and Dolohov intrude into the Dursleys home by portkey planted by a muggle squib cousin of the Malfoys. Harry blasts them and runs. Luna takes him in. For a three weeks he and Luna disappear and no one expect her father knows where to. They come back as they are uncovered by Moody who tells them that Hermione’s parents were killed. After the funeral the group of six plus Remus and Tonks undertake a trip to a paralell dimension where the time relation is 1:7 and they learn how to fight. Neville and Ginny become a couple as do Luna, Hermione and Harry. Ron fathers a child with a muggle servant.

After their return there are several attacks on Harry and his group. Over the course of the year Voldemort is stripped of almost all his resources so that he decides to retreat and undertake a dark cermony on the 30th June by taking the life and magical force of twelfe followers. As his remaining Death Eaters learn thereof they desert, or are killed. Never the less he undertakes the cermony with twelfe captured muggles in the Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore and Harry are able to thwrat the cermony but Dumbledore is caught in the backslash so that he is weakened and will only life some more years. On the bright site though Voldemort is fully mortal again.

Harry, Luna and Hermione return to the paralell dimension to learn who capture the essence of Voldemort in a time-bubble. In the meantime Voldemort seeks the Lords of magic out to receive once more to undergo a procedure that extends his life. They promise him to consider it when he brings Harry to them without hurting any sentient being. He therefore kidnaps Ginny. Harry, Luna and Hermione follow him to the valley of the Lords.

The intention of the Lords is to control magic. But if such a thing is attempted Higher magic throws someone up to thwrat that. They believe that this can be circumvent with 26 powerfull magical users. The want Harry and Dumbledore to join their number of fifteen. Harry will consider that request. He forms with Hermione, Luna and Ginny a network.

After returning home Neville, Ron and his girlfriend Tracy join in to form a magical gestalt. Together they are powerfull enough to overpower four of the most powerfull of Lords of magic. But this threats to throw the magic of balance. Therefore a bombshell ending: The wheel of time is turned back to the summer after Harry’s fifth year, the Lords of Magic have to forgo their goal, four of them have to give up their magic to bring that about and the dimensions are separated.

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The Younger Potter Twin

In the final confrontation Harry is crippled. He therefore invokes a spell in 2010 that sends him back into the dieing body of Henry Potter – James younger twin. The Potter and with them a great part of the order were attacked in May 1979. Harry’s powers and knowledge outlive the transition and he is therefore in a position to destroy the five Horocrux up to date and kill Voldemort in 1973. As a by product he gets involved with Ellen MacGregor and improves the wizarding world slightly.
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After the Battle

This short story tells how Luna and Hermione found consolence and love in each others arms, two weeks after the final battle, two weeks after Harry was whisked away to who knows where and also two weeks after Ron was killed.
In the end Harry enters after having evasdropped on his now two lovers.
The story can be read at FicWad.
There is also a PDF version fot the story.