Harry and Hermione Start their Sixth Year

Harry and Hermione Start their Sixth Year is the first part of three book. The story plays after „The Order of the Phoenix“ and covers the time from summer untill September. DrT describes it as:

What happens when two close friends discover they are in love in a time of attacks? Covers late July to early September. H/Hr R/OC G/L DT/CC R/T

There is an attack on Herminoie’s Home. Tonks drags her to help Harry pack up and they together with Ron, Ginny, Luna and Henrietta (Lunas cousin) desapear for a month to a safe house. The romantic pairings are Herminie and Harry, Ginny and Luna, Ron and Henrietta and Remus and Tonks.
The Story is rated R. The first installment has 12 chapters.
It can be read online at Schnoogle.
I made a PDF out of the chapters.