Potter Professions

Potter Professions is Horst Pollmanns follow up to Presents from the Past. It takes place 20 years after Hogwarts. All children are on their way to adolescence and Harry is in dire need of an occupation. It so happens that confusing suicides happen at a school for magically handicapped people in Brest. Harry starts as sports teacher there to investigate and finds child pornography.
Pollmann writes:

It’s twenty years after Hogwarts, and six after ‚Presents from the Past‘, of which this story is a sequel. Harry, his wife Cho, and their children Sandra Catherine, Gabriel, Carlos, and Esmeralda all have their own agenda: Harry is in desperate need of something to do, now that the children are old enough to allow him some free time. Cho runs her ‚Groucho Industries‘ on a long leash and invests her free time in a program to convert Muggles to Magicals. Sandra Catherine, in her last year at Beauxbatons, discovers the stage, though not quite as planned. Gabriel is already used to stages – as a musician in a band looking for a singer. Carlos and Esmeralda, the young ones, await their first year at Hogwarts.

The story can be found online at Schnoogle.
I made a PDF of the story.

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