Harry Potter and What Happened After by StageManagerGod

This full feature story starts the day after Voldemort is defeated and roles on more than a year. This is the sole story after Book 7 that is enjoyable to read, which may be in part of the extensive descriptions of sex scenes.

In the morning after it is decided that Ron, Hermione and Harry come back for their final year of schooling and that they all together with Ginny act as head students. They therefore retire to the the head students chambers as couples (Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione).

During the summer Ron proposes to Hermione the night before the travel to Australia to retrieve her parents. Harry waits until the end of school. The sole problem during the year besides NEWTs study is that no one knows what spells were on the castle; the spells in place are not working together. Therefore it falls to the quartet to search out the list of Original Spells.

In the second week after school finishes Ron and Hermione marry. Three weeks later Ginny and Harry.

The story is available as PDF.

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