Tetris in Java

This small programming exercise is mostly a proof of concept, that the it is possible to create a simple game using the Rendering engine within only a few hours.

The well known Tetris game, just another implementation… Instead of collection points (which certainly could be added) , for each completed row a line in an image is revealed. With increasing levels the number of lines to be uncovered increases as well as the speed of the game. The game uses the Rendering package for its rendering and the GameEvent package to handle the updates and notification. This lightweight and yet powerful set allows to concentrate on the issues at hand.

There are two archives available for this project:

Please note that the images when started from Eclipse (or the unpacked jar) are looked up from src/main/ressources, while when starting the jar (java -jar Tetris-0.0.1.jar) the images are supposed to be on the same level as the jar file.

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