The Time of Destination

Time of Destination is the follow up to The Refiner’s fire After Harry got injured on his head on the train ride home after his sixth year. Therefore Remus decides to life with Harry until he’s better to minimize the antagonization. When Ron and Ginny visits Vernom has a heart attack and Harry rescues him. In the aftermath Tonks moves in as well and they stay the whole time until he can leave.
In a Dementor attack on the Burrow Petunia relives her rejection of James and tells Harry how she feels about him/James. She also searches Harrys things for a picture of James. Therefore they memory charm her.
For Ginnys birthday Harry and her visit a Wierd Sisters concert but leave prematurely. Someone with a semblance to Harry and his girlfriend get killed. While Ginny picks blackberries she is kidnapped and heavily damaged by Malfoy and his gang. Harry and the Weaslys rescue her.
Hermione has troubles with her parents who won’t allow her back. In her holiday in Italy she meets prince charming and breaks up with Ron.
Doing they transfiguration homework they figure out that Neville’s toad Trevor is actually his granddad Rupert. While Ron and Harry accompany Remus on a full moon they got bitten by a conjured hell-hound so that they hallucinate for three days.
Over the christmas break Remus and Tonks got married. Molly tries to forbid Harry and Ginny to see each other which results in much heartache. After the break Ron and Harry have an interview with people from auror school and get scouted for Quidditch teams. On the way back from a Hogsmead visit Harry has scar-pain. After Harry sees how Voldemort steels seventeen children’s green eyes to regain his sight which he lost in his last battle, and then kills them, he falls in a depression and moves in with Dumbledore to become his apprentice. Harry learns that he is the Heir of Griffindor and there is a Chamber of Knowledge underneath Hogwarts.
When they learn that giants have sided with Voldemort Harry and Dumbledore go on to negotiate with them and manage it.
After Harry receives some picture of his parents and visit some memories of Remus‘ he is about to collapse believing all the death is his fault. One night Merlin disapiears with him to the land of phoenixes where his body and soul is heald.
After his return he is once again attacked on the shore of the lake, stupefied, beaten up severely hexed and thrown into the lake. He is rescued by the merpeople. After the final Quidditch match the scouts offer Ron and Harry several position and they both decide to sign with the London Lions. At a meeting of the Ministry Council in Dumbledore’s office three of the members are discovered to be Death Eaters and further three disruptive members got fired. Harry and Ron work out the pattern behind the dementor attacks so the aurors manage to capture them all.
It turns out that Percy was under Imperious and Voldemort tortured him into insanity to learn about Harry’s and his friends loved one. Thereafter the Weasly twins are attacked and the Granger’s die in a train derailment. In the attacks a large part of the Death Eaters got captured. Therefore Dumbledore decides the the Time of Destination has come and attack Voldemort. Harry succeeds with the help of his friends to refine the evil out of Voldemort which kills him. In the resulting backslash they are injured and Harry hovers in between.
After sufficient recovery at St. Mungos‘ Harry asks for Ginny’s hand. Dumbledore tells him he is his Great-Great-Grandfather. When Harry returns to Hogwarts he is attacked on last time by Zabini. But finally he recovers.
In the two epilogue we learn that Ginny and Harry have seven children thereof 3 pair twins. When the oldest come to Hogwarts Harry gives up his job as coach of the London Loins and becomes Transfiguration teacher. Hermione writes schoolbooks that tell Harrys story. Some Ravenclaw boys get the idea to steal a watch dragons egg. This results in the destruction of the Ravenclaw tower. Harry tries to distract the mother while Merlin flies the hatched babies back but they are already dead which infuriates the dragon which comes after Harry and burns him severely. Finally Harry manages to slay the dragon with Gryffindors sword. Unfortunately the dragon falls on him. He manages to survive in the axle hole. To fully recover Merlin takes him once more to the land of phoenixes where he goes through a burning.

The story can be read online at Schnoogle.
There is also a PDF of the story.

Refiners fire

This story by Abraxan starts in the summer after Harry’s fifth year. He falls for a muggle girl named Casey who’s the daughter of the tiler where he works over the summer. In an attack the whole family is killed and Harry is rescued by his new godfather Remus. In the shock over her death he falls in a fever – the Refiners fire – that refines the magic within him. Only three people survived it, Dumbledore and Merlin beside himself and he is the youngest.
Back at school Ginny becomes his pretended girlfriend to keep the other girls at bay. This evolves into a steady relation. Ron and Hermione find together.
The DA is newly organized with a two year structure based on capability and a general in Ron. Harry becomes a multiple animagus (cat, dog, wolf, dragonfly, raven, therestral, phoenix) and Ron can become a collie. Over time Harry is attacked by several girls (Parvaty, Pansy and Hermione) to kill him.
On the Easter break Ron and Harry should fly Buckbeak to Romania but are attacked in France on their camp. They and the rescue team are involved in a serious fight with Death Eaters and Voldemort. Ginny falls twice over a cliff and is both time rescued by Harry.
When Harry catches the snitch in the final game it’s a portkey that transport him to Little Hangleton where he again fights Voldemort. He is able to call in the help of the DA. In the battle several people die. Others are seriously wounded among those Harry. At the same time Horgwarts is attacked but defended with only light injuries.
After the battle a phoenix – Merlin in his animagus form – comes to Harry.
After their astronomy exam Malfoy polyjuiced into Sinistra and attacked Harry. He and Hermione are seriously wounded.
On the train ride home Harry is physically attacked and suffers a fractured scull, which he and Merlin manage to heal.
The story can be read online at Schnoogle.
I also made a PDF of the 40 chapters.