Documentation generation with the Compiler API

Documentation of code has a tendency to become obsolete quickly. For that reason most often the only documentation is the code itself and if you are lucky some JavaDoc that is more or less up to date. For that reason I already started some time ago to generate additional documentation by doing static code analysis on my OpenPatrician project. So far this was done mainly with the Reflection API and it was sufficient to figure out what Spring beans there are and where they are used.

The next documentation task was to figure out which class posts what event type on which EventBus and which class handles the event. Or more simple what are the Event producers and what are the Event consumers and mapping them to see how the event messages flow. As the publishing of the events (in the terminology of Guava EventBus ‚post‘) happens within a method, simple reflection will not yield the desired results. Therefore I turned to the Compiler API that can be found in the tools.jar. As that API is poorly documented by JavaDoc and there are not that many examples, I decided to write this post as a means to provide another example.

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