Harry Potter and the Thunderstruck Muggles

Harry Potter and the Thunderstruck Muggles is Horst Pollmanns story of Harrys final year.
Cho, Madame Hooch and Professor Grubbly-Planck have founded a company to produce spector movies in Santa Monica (California). Therefore Harry has no contact to his girlfriend. His forester parents (the Weaslys) are on Holiday, so is Ron with his girlfriend Janine. Ginny also decided to make a trip on her own. Harry therefore goes to Hogwarts to train in the Gym and swimming in the lake. There he encounters Samantha (Sam for short). She is from Texas and teaches Care. She feeds him with T-bone steaks and he tells her about Hogwarts.
Then he gets an invitation to a party in Santa Monica – but he realises he is only there to make a point. Cho had an unhappy affair but her lover is very obnoxious.
When he returns home he finds Ginny who was sexually humiliated. He takes her for counseling to Sam and helps her otherwise.
It seems that the muggle world is suddenly aware of the magical one and Hogwarts is under siege from muggles. The atmosphere is friendly but at the end of autom weapon fanatics show up and start the siege in earnest. Sam is shot and only survives because of Harrys quick and powerful reaction. The besieger leave when the muggle government intervenes.
There are several smaller stories too:

  • Rahewa is dieing. Harry finances her therapy and manages to snatch Rahewa from the clutches of her drunken father.
  • The muggle government tries to intervene at Hogwarts with the result that the european schools join forces and incorporate the European Magical Education Council which is beyond the governments control.
  • Harry learns of the identity of Ginnys humiliator and teaches him a lesson with the help of Rahewa, Ron and Sirius
  • Hermione tries to find a cure for werewolves and incorporates Harry’s help in delivering the potion to the test candidates in Haiti. On of these candidates Monsieur Armodéc likes to hear Harry’s stories and opinions.
  • Harry tries to become a dragon animagus and learning portkey programming

Dementor attack American amusement parks. The FBI searches help from Remus and Harry. While solving the problem, Harry tries to mend his relationship with Cho, succeeds in his portkey project and hires an Pinkerton private eye to search for Voldemort whom he believes behind the whole mess. After he returns to Hogwarts he is able to come to terms with Cho.
In spring all of Harry’s money is spent so he asks Cho for a loan. On the way to her bank she disappears – kidnapped by Voldemort. By brute force (mentally speaking) and some spike potion Harry succeeds in finding her, killing (roasting in his dragon form) Voldemort and rescuing (by summoning) Cho.
Horst Pollmann writes:

Seventh year in Hogwarts. Harry’s year without Cho around. Shouldn’t be a problem for him, after all, he can Apparate. Only …„So, without distractions from this side, and with Voldemort nowhere seen, Harry can concentrate on his schoolwork as it condenses in three challenging„projects. However, soon enough some new challenges arise, and suddenly schoolwork has to do with some Muggles.„And one can’t help thinking that, somewhere in the background, a well-known gnomish figure is pulling the strings …

The story can be read online at Schnoogles.
The fic is also as PDF available.

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